Corn is a huge favorite for most kinds of wildlife, but it has high fertility requirements and is susceptible to drought. Corn can have problems with grazing when small. Grain sorghum also has a high fertility requirement, but is much more drought tolerant than corn. Grain sorghum is normally untouched by deer until the seeds are ready. Topdressing with nitrogen 40 days after planting is important for good production of either.

Chufa is a variety of yellow nutsedge (I know, but they like it). Turkeys, hogs, and racoons love to dig up the “nuts”. It helpful to dig up a few nuts to help get the turkeys started on it. Chufa grows best in moist soils.

Soybeans may also be added to this list. The beans provide excellent nutrition throughout the fall and winter. Protein levels in raw beans can exceed 40%, doubling what is available in most commercial pelleted feed.