Rackmaster Durana Clover from Pennington Seed


Durana Clover has a reputation as the worlds toughest clover for good reason.  Tolerates heat and drought better than any clover on the market  Durana clover also tolerates extreme grazing pressure. 

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Rackmaster® Durana White Clover from Pennington Seed is the toughest white clover on the market for whitetail deer food plots.   Durana was developed to persist under grazing pressure, tolerate acidic soils, compete aggressively with weeds and grasses and to tolerate low management situations.  The high stolon density also allows it to recover more quickly from excessive heat and drought.   Durana Clover is also more tolerant of partial shade and acidic soil conditions than other clovers.  These conditions are all common in food plots in the mid-south.

This is the single most persistent variety of clover that we have used and we always recommend it for a long term clover field in the south.   Bioplots is proud to offer durana clover for sale.

Durana clover, unlike ladino clover, is an intermediate white clover. Intermediate clovers have a medium leaf size and a leaf density that is very thick, from the ground to the top of the plant. This leaf density will help prevent weed invasion. Durana possesses a high stolon density; it has 97 stolons per square foot, unlike conventional ladino clovers which only have 52 per square foot. It is pre-inoculated for optimal nitrogen fixation. Durana will outlast conventional ladino clovers in food plots and persist for years. With protein levels of over 25% and digestibility of over 75%, Durana will make an excellent pure stand or combination planting for any food plot to feed, attract and hold game on your property.

Durana is persistent, productive and a highly preferred white clover for wildlife food plots.

Available in 5lb or 25lb bags.  Durana clover seeding rate is 5lbs per acre.  Planting depth is 1/4″ or less. Bioplots recommends early fall planting Durana Clover with a nurse crop of winter rye, wheat, or oats at the rate of 30lbs (drilled) – 50lbs (broadcast) per acre.   Frost seeding is also effective.

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