Food Plot Services


Bioplots utilizes no-till drills, minimum-till row planters, and conventional planting. Which one we use for you depends on your particular situation.

Most crops can be planted using the moisture, organic matter, and soil conserving no-till drills. No-till drilling has the benefit of minimizing your risk factors such as a lack of rainfall, or excessive rainfall that can cause your seed to float away. This planting method gives you consistent results, even in less than ideal planting seasons.

Corn, sunflowers, and chufa will always perform best with a minimum-till row planter, and we have one complete with a liquid fertilizer injection system that gives your crops the jump start they need.

When preparing new areas for food plots, sometimes there is no substitute for conventional tillage. If you need to incorporate large amounts of lime and fertilizer with conventional tillage Bioplots can handle it. Call early to book as prime planting dates are limited.

Weed Control

Weeds can take over an area if you are not careful. Bioplots has the knowledge, experience, and precisely calibrated equipment to accurately apply herbicides. Let us clean up your food plots or stands of warms season grasses, leaving the desirable species unharmed and ready to thrive. Before food plots can be seeded the area typically requires being sprayed with a non-selective herbicide. This ensures our plantings have the least competition and can grow to maturity at its maximum rate. Bioplots is licensed in commercial pesticide application in multiple categories. Bioplots has both large and small sprayers to get in any size plot.


No-till planting certainly has multiple advantages for established plots, but for new areas that require very large doses of lime and phosphorus you can not beat conventional tillage. Bioplots has the equipment needed to rip the area to needed depth for optimum performance. From sub-soiling to finish tillage, Bioplots can handle it.

Fertility Management

Fertility management is often overlooked in food plots with disastrous results. The results are small plants with nutrient deficiencies that gets passed along to your game! The secret to effective food plots lies in not only using the proper tools for results, but also in correcting nutrient deficiencies and pH. This not only gives you improved yield, but actually increases the level of nutrients in your forage. This makes your food plots pound for pound a much more effective food source.

Bioplots can test and adjust the pH of your soil to the proper level, ensuring all nutrients in the soil are available for the plants use. Lime can take up to a year to take full effect, so the earlier we get it down the better. Soil fertility is always tested and is corrected according to lab results.


Mowing is an important part of managing habitat and food plots.   Overgrown brushy areas can be made fresh again by mowing.  Mowing can be a critical part of weed management in perennial clover and chicory.  Switchgrass also benefits from an occasional well timed mowing.  

Dove Fields

One of Bioplots specialties is dove fields. Contact us today for a great fall shoot!