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Bioplots premium mineral sites provide high levels of the minerals and vitamins needed for massive antler development and aids does during stressful lactation periods.  Proper placement is critical for success.   Ideal locations would be trail intersections that are near water or warm season forage such as food plots or soybean fields.  Late winter is the ideal time to begin a mineral site, however late is better than never.  We recommend one site per 50 acres.

What sets Bioplots mineral sites apart from the dozens of others available?

No mythical claims or loud music here, just read our analysis on our Premium Mineral Supplement which is posted below. Developed by our team to meet the needs of deer, without cutting corners. All required macro and micro nutrients, vitamins and electrolytes are balanced in the proper ratios for maximum performance. Do not worry that the attraction is gone because it is good for them, we have had multiple reports of 1000+ trail cam pics in a week on our mineral sites. In the Southern and Eastern United States, we are not blessed with mineral rich soil like the big boys have in the Midwest. Help level your playing field!

Bioplots offers a complete mineral site system to meet the needs of whitetail deer throughout the antler growing season. Bioplots offers our Complete Mineral System, Premium Mineral Supplement, Mineral Site Topper, or our Deer Mineral Concentrate to serve your exact needs.

Why use our minerals?

In many areas of the country, particularly the South and East, your native soils are lacking the high levels of minerals naturally found in the Midwestern states. It is no accident that the vast majority of record book bucks come from a handful of states in the Midwest. Our mineral supplementation program is a cost effective way to supplement what is naturally available in your neck of the woods. Our premium mineral supplement mix contains the correct levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium that are most often low in these native habitats, which limits the potential of your deer. To learn more about successful mineral site placement or the role of specific minerals, click here.

Not only does our mineral supplementation program contain all of the beneficial ingredients, our mineral site system makes unbelievable trail cam stations through the spring, summer, and early fall. There is no better way to watch the bucks on your (and your neighbor’s) property grow through the antler growing season.

The minerals in our premium mineral supplement are very stable in the soil, lasting up to a year. Because it is packed full of beneficial minerals there is simply less room for attractant. This highly beneficial supplement contains just the right amount of attractant to ensure good use for a few months.

For best results, use our Mineral Site Topper to refresh the site every 4-6 weeks throughout the summer. You may use our Mineral Site Topper at any time when you wish to boost the attractiveness of your site to your local deer herd.

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Bioplots Buck-It Complete Mineral Site System

Get one each of both our Premium Mineral Supplement and our Mineral Site Topper to provide everything your deer need to reach their full potential, all while getting amazing trail cam pics and SAVE!
$39.95 plus shipping

Bucki-It Premium Mineral Supplement

This mix is packed full of bone building minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes in the proper ratios needed for maximum growth.
10 lb. bags $24.95 and 50 lb. bags $59.95 plus shipping

Manager’s Special!

500 lb. $499.95 / 1,000 lb. $899.99
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Bioplots Buck-It Mineral Site Topper

Our Mineral Site Topper keeps your site tasting great through the entire antler growth season.  What good are all of those long lasting minerals if the deer are not eating them?
8 lb. bag $19.95 plus shipping